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Welcome to Auto Glass Factory – your trusted companion for windshield replacements in Phoenix. As a dedicated, local family-owned establishment, we've been ensuring vehicles in the Valley remain safe and road-ready with our top-notch windshield services for over 16 years.

The Auto Glass Factory Difference

For over a decade and a half, we've been more than just an auto glass shop; we’ve been a part of the community. From family sedans to commercial vehicles, our skilled technicians have seen and serviced it all. Here's what makes our service stand apart:

  • Local & Family-Owned: Our roots run deep in Phoenix. Being family-owned means we offer a personalized touch that's hard to find elsewhere. Every customer is treated as an extension of our family.
  • Unrivaled Expertise: Over 16 years in the industry have allowed us to perfect our craft. From diagnosing to installing, our process is seamless.
  • Only the Best Materials: Your safety is our paramount concern. We use top-quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Value for Money: Quality doesn't always mean expensive. We’ve worked hard to provide the best service at competitive rates. With us, affordability meets professionalism.

The Windshield Replacement Process

Your windshield isn’t just about visibility; it's an integral part of your vehicle's structural integrity. Here’s a look into our comprehensive replacement process:

  1. Consultation: We first assess the damage to determine if a replacement is necessary. Not all damages warrant a new windshield, and we're honest about your requirements.
  2. Selection: Based on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, we select the perfect windshield from our inventory of high-quality glass.
  3. Removal: The old windshield is carefully removed to avoid any damage to your vehicle. This process requires a skilled hand, and our technicians are trained to handle it with precision.
  4. Installation: Your new windshield is installed using industry-approved adhesives and techniques.
  5. Safety Check: Post-installation, we conduct rigorous checks to ensure there are no gaps, leaks, or issues.
  6. Guidance: We provide post-installation care instructions, helping you understand the do's and don'ts to ensure the longevity and safety of your new windshield.


Safety First

Your windshield is a primary safety restraint in your vehicle. A proper windshield installation is crucial to airbag performance, roof structure solidity, and crash safety. At Auto Glass Factory, we understand this and never compromise on the safety standards.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

We care for the environment. When we replace a windshield, we ensure that the old ones are disposed of responsibly. By recycling or repurposing the glass, we play our part in reducing waste.

Stay Connected

Apart from our core services, we always keep our customers informed with regular updates, tips on car care, and the latest in auto-glass technology through our monthly newsletters and blog posts.

At Auto Glass Factory, we believe that every vehicle owner deserves transparency, affordability, and the highest quality when it comes to windshield replacements. Whether you've been in an unfortunate accident, faced harsh weather conditions, or are just looking for an upgrade, we're here to ensure your windshield replacement process is smooth and satisfying.

Get in touch today to experience the Auto Glass Factory difference. We're not just another shop; we’re a part of the Phoenix community, and we're here to serve you.

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If you need top-quality auto glass repair and replacement services, Auto Glass Factory is your one-stop-shop. From small rigs to specialty vehicles we do it all!

You also have the option of bringing your vehicle to us for repairs or calling us for mobile auto glass repair services. Contact us today!

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